What kind of Elle girl are you?



By this time, I think we’ve all seen Rihanna’s latest spread in W magazine’s February issue. She’s “dark” and “edgy”. I use quotes here because the spread portrays her as actually quite dour. The first attempt to revamp Rihanna came in January’s GQ. Many voiced that this spread portrayed her as a slave to her sexuality as opposed to a controller of it. Round 2 in W is not any better. If her press team is trying to re-create a strong image, I don’t think this is the one for her. I think she’s trying to look powerful, sexual and domineering but she just seems serious, unapproachable, and frankly, shameful. Is mimicking a gun in your mouth and showing some nipple the way to strength? I think not.

The Crawfords



We all know Cindy Crawford as being one of the hugest supermodels in the world. Her striking beauty is undeniable, but has anyone taken a look at her kids lately?? Gorgeous children, Presley Walker and Kaia Jordan (even their names ooze of exotic-ness), are bound to be just as stunning… Oh, wait, they already are. Below are some candid photos of them; they are what we like to call alien-beautiful. 

We also love how Cindy and her hubby are always making out on yachts…



EBay keeps surprising us, slowly gaining a stronger and stronger interest in the designer and luxury goods market. First, they released a trend blog, The Inside Source, then they got Narciso Rodriguez to design a capsule line for them, and now, twelve fashion designers have created one of a kind barbies for an eBay charity auction. Below are some of the featured Barbies; they are up now for auction. After day 1, some have already been bid up to $3,000…

Albertus Swanepoel

Alexis Bittar

Kate Spade

Subversive Jewelry

Tory Burch

Betsey Johnson

Straight from the source:

Has anyone else noticed that the new TOD’S line of sunglasses resembles some of Chloe’s frame designs just a little toooo much?  Below is a side by side comparing the two:

What do you think? Here are a couple more of the shades from TOD’S recent collection:

Whether you think they are too close for comfort or that TOD’S redesigned them appropriately, I think we can all agree that these are tired silhouettes. Yawn.